Cleantech Solutions International is a manufacturer of high precision metal components and assemblies. The Company supplies fabricated products and machining services to a range of customers. Many of these customers supply clean technology equipment such as wind turbines or require increasingly energy efficient equipment for their own manufacturing processes such as dyeing and finishing machines. The Company’s success has been built upon:

World Class Provider of Precision Forged and Fabricated Solutions

Leading-Edge Technology
For our dyeing and finishing equipment customers in the textile industry, we design, manufacture and distribute a line of proprietary high and low temperature dyeing and finishing machinery. Our products feature a high degree of both automation and mechanical-electrical integration. Our products are widely used in dyeing yarns such as pure cotton, cotton-polyester, terylene, polyester wool, poly-acrylic fiber, nylon, cotton ramie, and wool yarn. Our latest airflow dyeing units use air instead of water, enabling our customers to meet stricter environmental standards, reduce their input costs, and produce textiles with fewer wrinkles and less fabric damage.

For our wind power and customers in other industries, we manufacture and supply rolled rings and other related components. We use the latest axial close-die forging technology to manufacture rotary precision forgings, using forging equipment which we manufactured for our own use. The axial close-die forging technology reduces the use of raw materials by as much as 35%, provides a high precision and surface flatness, reduces the cutting output, has excellent mechanical strength and high flexibility, and is a fully automatic operation.

For the petroleum and chemical industries we produce a variety of heat exchangers, separators, tanks, towers, cryogenic equipment, and other products.

High-Quality and Outstanding Performance
We believe top-quality is a must. Our impeccable reputation for delivering flawless precision components and assemblies is a result of our rigorous internal quality control process which exceeds even the most stringent quality requirements of our customers. Our leading technology and high-quality manufacturing facility enables us to deliver superior quality, high performance forged products and industrial machinery and components.

Successful Track Record
At Cleantech Solutions International, we have over fifteen years of management, engineering and technical experience in supplying components and building large-scale complex metal assemblies/systems to meet the most demanding customer requirements.