From the Chairman and CEO of Cleantech Solutions
Cleantech Solutions International has more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing high precision, technically advanced industrial equipment, components and assemblies.

We are tremendously proud of that heritage and track record and the trust we have earned from our domestic and international customers.

Each day we aspire to provide our customers with forged and fabricated solutions that have world-class quality and performance. At the same time we work tirelessly to provide those solutions on time and at prices that make our customers more effective, efficient and competitive.

Solutions for the Textile Industry
We design, manufacture and distribute a line of proprietary high and low temperature dyeing and finishing machinery that features a high degree of both automation and mechanical-electrical integration.   The solutions we offer are widely used in the textile industry for dyeing many types of yarns, both natural and synthetic and for custom washing and finishing processes.  We are especially gratified that our solutions not only help our customers make better products through improved dyeing and finishing performance and operate more efficiently with lower maintenance costs, but also enable them to meet and exceed higher environmental standards.  Our latest airflow dyeing units, for example, use air instead of water, meet even stricter environmental standards, reduce input costs, and produce textiles with fewer wrinkles and less fabric damage.

China is one of the world’s leading textile producers and its growing textile industry has been a pillar of its economy over several decades.  I believe the industry is keen to play its part in China’s future industrial development by combining continuing growth with environmental responsibility.  Therefore our addressable market: environmentally-compliant dyeing and finishing equipment for the textile industry, has a bright future. 

Going forward, we aim to be a preferred partner with the textile industry, constantly earning their trust with manufacturing solutions that exceed the value, reliability and innovation that they expect from products that bear our renowned Huayang brand. We have the capacity to manufacture and assemble approximately 550 textile-dyeing machines annually on our state-of-the-art and automated production line that we consider to be one of the lowest cost most energy-efficient, operations anywhere in China.    In order to retain our market-leading position we are regularly reinvesting in the business to improve our efficiency, broaden the range of products we offer, raise the quality of the materials we use and enhance the value of our finished products so that they compare with the best on offer anywhere in the world. 

Solutions for Manufacturers of Industrial Machinery
We also manufacture and supply rolled rings and other related components. We use the latest axial close-die forging technology to manufacture rotary precision forgings, using forging equipment which we manufactured for our own use. The axial close-die forging technology reduces the use of raw materials by as much as 35%, provides a high precision and surface flatness, reduces the cutting output, has excellent mechanical strength and high flexibility, and is a fully automatic operation. Just as we do for our textile machinery customers, we aim to supply the best solution at the most reasonable price and I believe our operations are more than capable of doing that. Over our history in business we have become a trusted supplier to many industries including wind energy, steelmaking, and solar power. With our reputation for quality, our innovative and responsive solutions, and our prime location in Jiangsu province providing shipping time and cost advantages, I believe we will continue to be a trusted supplier of these hard-wearing essential components to manufacturers of a range of industrial machinery long into the future.

I am honored to lead such an excellent company and look forward to reporting great progress to customers, employees and shareholders.

Jianhua Wu
Chairman & CEO
Cleantech Solutions International