Jianhua Wu, Chairman & CEO, Director

Jianhua Wu has been our chief executive officer, chairman and a director since the completion of the reverse acquisition in November 2007.  Mr. Wu founded our predecessor companies, Wuxi Huayang Dyeing Machinery Co., Ltd. and Wuxi Huayang Electrical Power Equipment Co., Ltd., in 1995 and 2004, respectively, and was executive director and general manager of these companies prior to becoming our chief executive officer. Mr. Wu was nominated as a director because of his position as our chief executive officer. Mr. Wu is a certified mechanical engineer.

Mr. Chengqing Tang, Independent Director

Chengqing Tang is a senior engineer at Wuxi City Wangsheng Mechanical Factory, a position he has held since 2001. Mr. Tang’s experience as an engineer is important in his service as a director.

Mr. Baowen Wang, Independent Director

Baowen Wang works as a senior engineer at the National 559th factory research center, a state-owned precision optical research center, a position he has held since 2005, when he retired as head of the Wuxi HuGuang Instrument Research Institute, a position has held from 1979 to 2005. Mr. Wang graduated from NanJing University, majoring in weather station and radar. Mr. Wang’s engineering background and his practical industrial are important qualifications for his service as a director. Mr. Wang served as a director from July 2012 until his resignation in April 2014.

Xi Liu, Independent Director

Director since November 2007. Mr. Liu has an extensive background in material engineering, being a 1989 graduate of Jiangsu University of Technology with a degree in metal material and heat treatment, and having been trained at the Volvo facilities in Penta, Sweden in 1999. Immediately after graduating from university, Mr. Liu worked at China FAW Group Corporation, the oldest and one of largest Chinese automakers, as an engineer, before leaving in 2005 as an assistant manager in the purchasing department of the Wuxi Diesel Engine Works plant. He then joined WAM Bulk Handling Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., part of the Italian industrial giant WAMGROUP, as a purchasing and sourcing manager, which is his current position. Mr. Liu’s background in engineering and his practical industrial experience is important to us as we plan and develop our business.

Fu Ren Chen, Independent Director

Director since July 2012. Mr. Chen is general manger and chairman of the board of Wuxi City ZhengCheng Accounting Services, Ltd., a position he has held since February 2000. From 1990 until February 2000, Mr. Chen was accounting manager at Qian Zhou Agricultural Financial Co., Ltd. Mr. Chen is a certified public accountant in China. Mr. Chen’s finance and accounting experience background is important to us as we improve our financial accounting controls.