As new government environmental policies are developed and implemented in the years to come, there will be a growing need to support the introduction of newly developed clean power technologies that become commercially viable in order to meet the needs of the marketplace and society in general. At Cleantech Solutions International, we are committed to supporting the alternative energy sector and continue to expand our expertise to support commercial clean technology initiatives. Today, we provide manufacturing services to some of the well-recognized global brands in the wind and solar energy sectors. In the future, we will support the manufacturing needs of existing and new customers who are engaged in developing the technologies for our sustainable future.

Building the Blocks of the Clean Technology Age

At Cleantech Solutions International we are today forging partnerships with companies involved in the in some of the most promising Cleantech sectors. An example of this is our recent R&D and development efforts that have been focused on the LED lighting sector.We are lending our insight and knowledge to manufacture high-temperature vacuum chambers used to produce Sapphire crystalline structures, the primary element of LED lights. We are committed to help industries like the LED lighting sector design products that can be efficiently and economically manufactured in a scalable manner.