Cleantech Solutions International thrives on projects demanding high precision and expert attention. Whether your product is straightforward or uniquely complicated, we’re equipped to handle every aspect of the job. Our focus is to manufacture technically advanced metal components and assemblies primarily used in clean technology industries, but we also work with other industries requiring critical accuracy, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

Using world-class steel fabrication processes combined with cutting-edge technology, we make your plans a reality. With cutting, forming, welding, machining and assembling taking place at one facility, we have streamlined the production process to adapt quickly to changes.

We believe in LEAN manufacturing and strive to instill customer value in everything we do. Our facility is ISO-9001:2000 certified, and we endeavor to consistently exceed our industry’s production and safety standards. Cleantech Solutions International believes in the importance of being environmentally responsible and is proud to be working with an eco-friendly, highly-recyclable material – steel.

Industries served include:

– Clean Technology
– Hydro-electricity
– Electricity generation
– Iron and Steel Industry
– Petroleum and chemical industries

In addition to the above served industries the Company continues to help it legacy customer base improve their efficiencies and their ability to adhere to stricter government demanded environmental protection policies. The Company's technologically advanced airflow dyeing machines, used by textile companies in China, allows for energy-efficient airflow dyeing as opposed to the use of water that is predominately used in the traditional dyeing process. The result is reduced input costs, better quality finished products (i.e. less damage to the textile) and reduced emissions.