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Corporate Governance Standards

Cleantech Solutions International’s board of directors is committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance. The board strives to provide the right leadership, strategic oversight and control environment to create sustainable and long-term value to all shareholders. The board applies integrity, principles of good governance and accountability throughout its activities and each director brings independence and sound judgment to the role.

All of the members of the board are individually and collectively aware of their responsibilities to the company’s stakeholders and the board keeps its performance and core governance principles under regular review.

Board Independence and Committees

Independent 1 2 3
Jianhua Wu 59 CEO, Chairman and Director
Tianxiang Zhou 75 Director x x x
Xi Liu 45 Director x x x
Ming Zhao 38 Director x x x x
Furen Chen 69 Director x x x

1: audit committee, 2: compensation committee, 3: corporate governance/nominating committee.

The board and its committees held the following number of meetings during 2013:

Board of directors – 4

Audit committee – 4

Compensation committee – 0

Nomination committee - 0

The meetings include meetings that were held by means of a conference telephone call, but do not include actions taken by unanimous written consent.

Each director attended at least 75% of the total number of meetings of the board and those committees on which he served during the year.

Our non-management directors did not meet in executive session during 2013.