Our Products

World Class Provider of Precision Forged and Fabricated Solutions
We manufacture rolled rings and other related components designed to be used in the wind power industry as well as for other uses.

Die Forging for Greater Strength and Flexibility

We employ axial close-die forging technology in producing precision forgings, a technology for producing rotary precision forgings. We made the forging machine ourselves, providing a strong advantage in machine maintenance and cost compared to other companies using foreign equipment.

Our rolled rings are essentially hollow cylindrical sections forged from a stainless steel stock of varying thickness and height. The rings are called rolled rings because of the nature of the forging process. Forging is a manufacturing process where metal is pressed, pounded or squeezed under great pressure to create high strength parts. Rolled ring forging turns a hollow round piece of metal under extreme pressure against a rotating roller, thereby squeezing out a single-piece ring without any welding required.

Although rings can also be manufactured through machining or casting, we believe that forging produces a finished product with greater strength and flexibility. A ring’s strength affects its fatigue resistance, and is determined by the orientation of the grain flow of the ring’s metal material. Unlike the machining process, which creates a unidirectional grain flow, or the casting process, which creates no grain flow, the forging process is designed to cause alignment and orientation of the grain flow in a direction creating maximum strength, thereby providing maximum fatigue resistance. This high strength property also reduces sectional thickness and overall weight of the ring without compromising the overall integrity of the finished product.

The Many Uses of Rolled Forged Rings
High tangential strength and ductility make forged rings well-suited for torque- and pressure-resistant components, such as gears, engine bearings for aircraft, wheel bearings, couplings, rotor spacers, sealed discs and cases, flanges, pressure vessels and valve bodies. As such, rolled rings have a wide variety of applications. Presently, the majority of Chinese rolled ring producers rely on technologies such as the steam hammer and friction press, which consume large amounts of energy and cause pollution, and which, we believe, generate a less desirable product.

Yaw bearings, which are found in every wind turbine, are made from rolled rings. Essentially, a yaw bearing is a large ring with teeth, all of which are either pointing outward or inward. The teeth allow the yaw bearing to engage with a smaller wheel attached to the yaw motor. The yaw motor turns the wind turbine so that the rotor (to which blades are attached) faces the wind in order to optimize electricity generation. The yaw bearing is used by the yaw motor to turn the wind turbine.

Dyeing and Finishing Equipment Segment
We design, manufacture and distribute a line of proprietary high and low temperature dyeing and finishing machinery to the textile industry. Our products feature a high degree of both automation and mechanical-electrical integration. Our products are widely used in dyeing yarns such as pure cotton, cotton-polyester, terylene, polyester wool, poly-acrylic fiber, nylon, cotton ramie, and wool yarn.

Environmentally Friendly Airflow Dyeing Machines
We now design and produce airflow dyeing machines, which use air instead of water. Water is used in the traditional dyeing process. We believe that our air-flow technology, which is designed to enable users to meet the stricter environmental standards, results in reduced input costs, fewer wrinkles, less damage to the textile, and reduced emissions. With the growing acceptance of our new dyeing technology and the China government’s mandate to phase out older machinery in China’s textile industry that does not meet the new environmental standards, we expect further success in the future.

After Treatment Compacting Machines
Our new after-treatment drying and compacting machine is used in the final finishing of knitted material, such as cotton, and is designed to improve the softness, reduce shrinkage and ensure better dimensional stability. We believe that our equipment offers performance similar to German and US imports at a more attractive price.

Garment Washing Machines for Denim
We are currently developing a new garment washing machine for denim. Made of stainless steel and customized for use by Chinese jeans manufacturers, the machine is capable of stone wash, enzyme wash and other water washing techniques. We believe that our machine will offer superior quality and performance at an attractive price relative to machines imported from Germany and the US, and expect it to be well received by potential customers.

Equipment for the Petroleum and Chemical Industries
For the petroleum and chemical industries we produce coal chemical equipment, formaldehyde plant and downstream products, a variety of heat exchangers, separators, tanks, towers, cryogenic equipment, reaction kettles and other products.